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Workers’ Compensation Specialist

Internal Medicine of Greater New Haven

Internists located in Cheshire, CT & Guilford, CT

If you’ve been injured on the job and live in Cheshire, Guilford, Hamden, Milford, North Haven, Meriden, Wallingford, West Haven, and Stratford, Connecticut, or the surrounding area, your employer may refer you to Internal Medicine of Greater New Haven. The expert doctors have a number of screening and diagnostic tools on site to evaluate your condition. Plus, our doctors are familiar with workers’ compensation paperwork and filing. If you’ve been referred to the practice for workers’ compensation issues, call the office or use the online booking agent to be seen in person.

Workers' Compensation Q & A

What types of issues are covered under workers’ compensation?

Workers' compensation covers obvious accidents and injuries, such as falls, machine injuries, and lacerations, that happen while you're on the job. Other work-related issues that you might not realize also fall under workers' compensation include:

  • Hearing loss that occurs due to exposure to loud noises over a long period of time
  • Heart attacks from work stress
  • Eye injuries that happen due to airborne irritants
  • Hernias and back pain from lifting heavy objects
  • Carpal tunnel from poor ergonomics

Any ailment you feel has arisen due to your work conditions should be brought to the attention of your workers’ compensation department so you can get referred to Internal Medicine of Greater New Haven for diagnosis and treatment.

What benefits fall under workers’ compensation?

You receive benefits that match your injury and needs. If you miss work due to a work injury, you receive lost wages and medical care. Other benefits might include compensation if your injury blocks your return to work or if you must get a new job that has a lower wage. You may also qualify for job retraining if your injury requires that you find a job other than the one that caused your injury. You may also qualify for new glasses, contacts, hearing aids, or prosthetics — if relevant.

Other specific items that are paid for by workers’ compensation include:

  • Transportation to and from your medical treatment
  • All prescriptions required for treatment of your workplace injury or illness
  • Medical bills associated with your workplace injury or illness

What if I am not sure my injury is serious?

It’s important to report your injury and be evaluated by medical staff as soon as possible following a workplace injury. Your employer chooses the practice the first time you need medical care after an injury. Then, after this first evaluation, you choose your practice from an approved list.

Refusing treatment or failing to report your accident in a timely manner means you may lose your rights and benefits under workers’ compensation guidelines.

Feel confident that if you’ve been referred to Internal Medicine of Greater New Haven for workers’ compensation issues, you’re in good hands. Make your appointment as soon as possible to take full advantage of your rights.